Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our cat Sylvester

I also want you to meet our kitty Sylvester. He will be 3 years old on 4-1-08. He isn't too sure about having a new puppy in the house. He is king of the hill since Annie left us in Dec. He is HUGE! I think he weighs close to 20 lbs. His eyes are so pretty! One blue and one gold!

Meet Abigail aka Abby

This is our new furbaby Abigail aka Abby! She is an 8 week old Malti-poo. She is a mix of purebred Maltese & Poodle. Born on 11-23-07. I knit this sweater on 1-24-08 but she can already get out of it! I think I need to make the armholes smaller!!